Why It’s Important to Lower Your Parenting Perfection Bar During COVID19—and How to Do It

Most sessions I spend with parents, our main topics of discussion are around growing into becoming the best parent possible. In the last five weeks my conversations with parents have been much different. We have switched our conversations from “how we grow as parents?” to “how do we survive as parents?”. How do we juggle all the demands on our plate? How do we stop the power struggle well everyone feels out of control? How do we not feel guilty for all the things we are not doing when our children are on the tablets being occupied? These last five weeks have presented challenges for us all. But most of us can agree that parents, especially parents with young children, have an insurmountable

Four Simple Ways to Help Your Anxious Child During COVID-19

As we approach more continue changes around our COVID-19 pandemic, our children will continue to feel the stress we are all holding. They feel in their energic interactions with us. They see it in the way we move and speak. Children picking up on the larger things happening is something that we can’t avoid because they are one with us. As things change rapidly, children may feel overwhelmed, scared or uncertain about what’s happening. Especially children who are more prone to anxiety or have sensitive temperaments, these feelings can manifest in REALLY big ways. One of the most important and simple ways to help your child navigate the changes happening is by simply talking to them about wh