"In today's rush, we all think too much--seek too much--want too much--and forget about the joy of just being."

- Eckhart Tolle

Mindfully Me

children ages 6-9

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It is the mission of this group to help children become of who the truly are: care-free, joyful and fun.  In Mindfully Me, your child learns the skills they need to relax, focus and become grounded and aware in the world.

Mindfully Me benefits kids who:

  • Feel anxious or unsettled often

  • Struggle with paying attention and focusing

  • Are 'acting out' or having big tantrums at home 

  • Find difficulty with big feelings

  • Are sensitive and take in a lot about the world

  • Struggle with social cues and understanding others

  • Are perfectionist or struggle with self esteem

  • Find it hard to have appreciation for life 

As a parent, you will see...


  • Decreases in worry, stress and anxiety

  • Increase in focus and attention

  • Developing a moment of pause before reacting

  • Decreases in behavioral concerns

  • Better choices being made

  • More empathy and understanding of others 

  • Feelings of confidence in regulating emotions

  • More fluid communication of needs

  • Overall increase in well-being



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  • Week 1 (Sunday, April 5th): Relaxation & Mindfulness

  • Week 2 (Sunday, April 19th): Mindful Breathing

  • Week 3 (Sunday, April 26th): Mindful of Emotions

  • Week 4 (Sunday, May 3rd): Managing Anger, Anxiety and Frustration with Mindfulness

  • Week 5 (Sunday, May 17th): Making Mistakes Mindfully (Letting Go of Perfectionism)

  • Week 6 (Sunday, May 24th)Being Brave & Mindful

  • Week 7 (Sunday, June 7th) : Mindfully Grateful (Practicing Appreciation)

  • Week 8 (Sunday, June 14th: Mindful Eating (and Celebrating!)



Philadelphia Location

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When: Sunday afternoons at the following dates listed above.

Time: 1:00pm-1:50pm 

Where: 525 S. 4th Street

              Suite 240 C

              Philadelphia PA 19147

Cost*: $360 for 8 weeks (can be paid in two installments of $180)


*You may be eligible for out of network benefits - please call your insurance company to inquire.

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