In light of our recent pandemic, Mindfully Me Online Workshop was created to help give your children the skills they need to feel safe and grounded during this uncertain time.  I hope you, as parents, find it helpful and grounding for them.


I'm sending you lots of strength and love as we navigate these challenging times.

Dear Parents,

We are in this together. 

Mindfully Me


children ages 6-9

It is the mission of this workshop to give children the basic mindfulness skills they need to feel grounded, safe and loved. 

Mindfully Me benefits kids who:

  • Feel anxious or unsettled often

  • Struggle with paying attention and focusing

  • Are 'acting out' or having big tantrums at home 

  • Find difficulty with big feelings

  • Are sensitive and take in a lot about the world

  • Struggle with social cues and understanding others

  • Are perfectionist or struggle with self esteem

  • Find it hard to have appreciation for life 

In this workshop, your child will learn:

Mindful Breathing:

Children will learn how to become aware of their breath and use it to regulate and ground their emotions. Children will first use the Breathing Ball to learn how to mindfully breathe in and out. Then, children will learn how to do Mountain Breath, a type of breathing kids can do with their hands!

 Mindful Emotions:

Children will learn briefly about how emotions are information. Becoming aware of our emotions in an experience allows us to name them and tame them. Children will learn through playing a game where we name the color of our feelings based on the situation and emotion.

 Mindful Frustration

 Frustration tolerance is one of the most important things for children to learn emotionally. During this section of the workshop, children will learn how to identify where they feel frustration is in their body. Then, children will learn a meditation to make the frustration less.

Mindful Movement


 Children will learn how to become aware of their body through trying out short yoga poses and body meditations. All children will be given space to choose to share how their body feels and what feels good to them.

 Practicing Gratitude

 One of the most important aspect of creating our well-being is appreciation. In this section, children will learn how to practice gratitude by learning what gratitude is and creating a craft of the things they are grateful for.

Workshop Details:

When: Wednesday evenings

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Zoom Group Session 

Cost*: $25


*What is needed from parents*

Because this is an online workshop, I ask that parents provide basic art supplies

for our activities.  If you can set your child up with markers, crayons and paper,

we have all we need!


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