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Be the best family

you can be.

Child + Family Play Therapy for Children Ages 2-10

How I Can Help

In a decade of working with children, my practice has helped

hundreds of families bring ease and harmony back into their home. 

Child + Family Play Therapy

For children ages 2-10

For Parents, Educators + Counselors

In play family therapy, we work together in live at my play room in Elkins Park.  Together, I learn about your family and we work to discover what your child needs to thrive. You learn practical strategies for short term success and long term change.

In my trainings and workshops, you learn how to help guide the children in your life to be happy and resilient.  Trainigns and workshops are crafted to help your work with children more easeful.

Trainings+ Workshops


Hi there, I'm Kellie.

I believe that everything is figure-out-able. With proper patience, time and care, any parent-child struggle can be overcome. In our work together,  you will learn practical strategies to deepen your connection with your child and create long-term resilience in your family system. 

I can't wait to hear your story and watch your child and family create something beautiful.


Who I Can Help

My practice specialized in deeply feeling, strong willed children.

My practice is specialized it's services to understand and treat the needs specific of children with this temperament.


These kids are bright, sensitive and feel every feeling as deeply as they can.  They love as hard as the fight and feel as disappointed and they do excited.  Because of this, they are more prone to power struggles, tantrums and feelings going quickly from 0-60.

Find Me in Person

My office is located in the surrounding Philadelphia area. Please feel free to contact me with questions, topics of interest or anything you need support with.

8302 Old York Road
Suite B-11
Elkins Park, PA 19027

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