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How Play Family Therapy Helps

Play family therapy helps you bring harmony back into your home.  While working with you and your child, we will discover a place where the whole family is working together as a team through connection, compromise and compassionate but firm boundaries.

How Play Therapy Helps You

How Play Therapy Helps Your Child




In play therapy, you will learn how to:


  • Understand your child's development

  • Communicate with your child in an age appropriate way

  • Build skills to help the family become team members

  • Help them through anxieties and stress

  • See one another for their strengths

  •  Connect through appreciation and presence 

  • Become aware of how past parenting patterns impact you now

  • Find resiliency and happiness despite natural struggles of life

In play therapy, your child will learn to:


  • Express their emotions in a safe and healthy way

  • Regulate big emotions from natural life experiences 

  • Communicate their emotional needs to you

  • Learn how to find resiliency in their life struggles

  • Develop skills to manage anxiety, anger and poor frustration

  • Build a strong sense of self to increase self esteem

  • Deeper connection with parents and siblings

Play Family Therapy

for children ages 2-10

To help you bring connection and cooperation to your home.

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How Play Family Therapy Works

Because I am trained as a family therapist, I believe that a child can't fully make change without their parents making change too.  When we work together, I will work with your child to help them learn how to process their feelings and work directly with you as the parent to discover what you need to really help your child thrive.

Working with You

Working with Your Child

Parent Sessions

As a family therapist, I work closely with parents to help them understand what their child needs most to thrive.  We work together to come up with solutions for how to better handle particular situations and figure out the tools you need as the parents to support your child through their big feelings.

Play Sessions

My primary modality for working with children is play.  During my sessions with your child, I will use play to help me understand what your child is experiencing from their perspective.  Play time is also the time where I help children build the skills they need for self-expression, emotion regulation, impulse control, building attention span.

Who I Help

Play family therapy can help any family with a child is struggling to get through the messy things in life.


More specifically, my practice has helped supported families through navigating:

how to manage big tantrums, expression of anger and aggressive behavior that disrupt the family

 how to manage big worries and fears that are overwhelming child and parents

how to transition and understand parent separation or divorce

how to manage impulse control, low attention and dysregulation with ADHD diagnosis

 how to navigate perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-shaming behaviors

 how to help build frustration tolerance and create emotional resilience

how to manage parent-child conflict that often ends in tears

how to help parents and child identify and communicate feelings and needs to one another

how to help children and parents tell and integrate adoption story.

Working With Me

My work with your child will help them thrive from a place of happiness and inner strength.  Your child will create a deeper healing and learn the skills they need for communication, emotional regulation and greater awareness of their emotional world.


$250* per 50-60 minute session

*Because I am so specialized in working with deeply feeling children, I do charge a bit more than other therapists.  I am out of network with insurance panels; however, many insurance plans now offer out of network benefits.  It is the client's responsibility to see if their plan offers out of network reimbursement.  I am happy to issue receipts of payment for a client to submit to their health insurance. 

A Peak at the Playroom

Elkins Park, PA


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