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Most parents have found their way to me

because they have a sweet, sensitive, smart, strong-willed child who is simply wonderful and at times, very hard to parent.

Their loving spirit and spunky energy gives you so much life and some days, can also be exhausting.  You're certain they need something more from you but you just can't seem figure it out.  You've tried everything (like every positive parenting book there is) and still nothing is working. You are finally feeling ready for more.

In my work with your child and family, we will work together to restore the happiness and harmony back into your home.


I know these kiddos well because when I was a kid, I was one of them.

Hence why I have my own business with no boss telling me what to do. 

Truly, I'm so happy you are here.  This is very figure-out-able.  There is hope to bring balance and harmony back into your home.  And it would be my pleasure to help make that happen.


Parenting isn't easy.  The last two and a half years have put us even closer to what feels like insurmountable challenges.  You are not alone. Especially when it comes to parenting. It's truly the hardest venture to take on as a human. 


In my seven years of working with children, I've never seen the same child. Every child is so different, even the ones you have under your own roof. In our work together, we come up with a plan for your child and a plan for you as parents that fits your specific child's needs.  


In my years of practice, I have successfully helped children and families navigate:

  • How to manage big tantrums, expression of anger and aggressive behavior that disrupt the family

  • How to manage big worries and fears that are overwhelming child and parents

  • How to transition and understand parent separation or divorce

  • How to manage impulse control, low attention and dysregulation with ADHD diagnosis

  • How to navigate perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-shaming behaviors

  • How to help build frustration tolerance and create emotional resilience 

  • How to manage parent-child conflict that often ends in tears

  • How to help parents and child identify and communicate feelings and needs to one another

  • How to help children and parents tell and integrate adoption story.


During sessions, I help your child open up to me through play.  When working with your child, my goal is to understand them so I can communicate to you what's working well and what they need more from you. 


I work to understand your child's unique expression and what they need to thrive in the world. Then, as a team, we work together to help you give that to your child.




Join me for the latest inside tips and tricks to help you raise happy, resilient children.


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