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"We can only truly feel full by having connections that give us strength, creativity that lets our aliveness unravel and authenticity that brings us to a place of child-like innocence and humility in our capabilities."

About Me

Truly, I'm so happy you are here. 


Parenting isn't easy.  You are not alone. Everyone struggles.  Especially when it comes to parenting. It's one of the damn hardest things we choose to do as human beings!  Having the responsibility to raise a happy, resilient child that can take on the world with confidence can seem impossible in the world we live in today. 


In my seven years of working with children, I've never seen the same child. Every child is so different, even the ones you have under your own roof! In our work together, we come up with a plan for you as a parent and a plan for your child to navigate the world from strength, connection and ease.


In my practice, I work primarily with children who struggle with:

  • High sensitivity

  • Managing big emotions

  • Giftedness and perfectionism

  • BIG tantrums that disrupt the whole family

  • Aggression and behavioral problems

  • Big worries about the struggles of the world

  • Internal conflict and self-shaming

  • Poor frustration tolerance

  • Communicating their feelings and needs


During sessions, I use my sweet, kind nature to help your child open up to me through play.  When working with your child, my goal is to understand them so I can communicate to you what's working well and what they need more from you. 


I work to understand your child's unique expression and what they need to thrive in the world. Then, as a team, we work together to help you give that to your child.



My greatest passions are...

laughing and creating ways to help others feel seen. My practice, and my work, are dedicated to giving humans the space to feel like the brilliant, beautiful, resilient, creative and powerful beings we are.

In my free time...

you can find me creating.  I love to paint, write and use my never ending imagination to explore the ways I can make something beautiful to give to the world.


Join me for the latest inside tips and tricks to help you raise happy, resilient children.


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