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Do you have a deeply feeling child?

Deeply feelings children are so much more than just big feelings.  Their sensitivity, creativity, deep passion and loving sprit make them such a wonderful part of the family.  At the same time, helping them navigate their big feelings and deep sensitivities can be a very challenging part of parenting them.

Because of their big feelings they are more prone to:

More prone to big tantrums, anger, limit testing, not listening and power struggles due to have a more willful nature

Challenges with feelings escalating quickly from 0-60

Perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-shaming behaviors

Struggle to understand and accept the injustices of the world because of having a strong moral compass

Struggles with communicate feelings and shutting down when asked about feelings

Struggles with parent-child conflict that often ends in tears​

Having high sensitivity with big worries and fears that can feel overwhelming 

having big questions about the world and understanding more than the can emotionally tolerate 

Low frustration tolerance and low emotional resilience

How I Can Help You

My practice offers a variety of services to help you and your child thrive in the world.  Each service is crafted around what you need, what your family needs and what our community needs to raise happy, resilient children.

children ages 2-10 years

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 In play therapy, your child learns to express themselves through their natural ability to play.  Children leave play therapy feeling more confident, less anxious, less angry and without power struggles.

parents, professionals + educators

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Both my trainings and workshops are designed to help bring education to the community.  In my trainings and workshops, you will have a deeper understanding of child development and how to nurture the future generations of the world.

About Me


I'm Kellie.

I believe that everything is figure-out-able.  I believe that with proper patience, time and care, any parent-child struggle can be overcome.
My passion is helping families create more happiness in their home by discovering how to connect more deeply, set kind and firm limits and become more in touch with each person's needs. One of my greatest joys is watching the families that I work with create stability, resiliency, and joy. 
I can't wait to hear your story and watch your child and family create something beautiful.

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